Knowing What to Do Following a Car Accident

When someone becomes the victim of an auto accident after a DUI in Miami, it can be very frustrating to get all the dynamics of an accident resolved. There is the police report to handle, whether or not the other party has car insurance, and the victims insurance as well. If it’s worse case scenario, people must also deal with the state laws on which medical providers will and won’t see motor vehicle accident patients. This is why it is very important to get an auto accident team of attorneys and lawyers that can help anyone throughout this somewhat overwhelming process.

After an accident, the first step is always to call the police and get a report filed. This way they can assist in determining fault and gathering all the legal documents necessary from each partner. If someone is injured, alert the dispatcher after calling 911. Never wait to file a claim, the sooner an insurance company is made aware of an accident, the faster they can begin the necessary procedures of compensation. To make sure the compensation they provide is fair and just, contact a legal team as quickly as possible. Not only will they make sure that the insurance company pays out a fair and honest amount, but an accident attorney will also make sure that their client is fully aware of their rights within their insurance policy.

If the motor vehicle accident includes a tractor trailer, or other large vehicle, an already tragic event can become even more tragic. Large vehicles usually result in death or sever medical trauma, which means the insurance battle might bring the victim a lot of back and forth that causes unnecessary stress.

What Should I Do if I am Involved in an Auto Accident


There are a couple steps you must take after an auto accident to protect your quality of life as well as your rights to compensation:

Get medical attention.

It is important to get medical attention right away, as some injuries may be internal or may take time to reveal even in case you do not think you’re hurt.

Write down what happened.

The particulars of the injury are important for your own attorney, however they may get obscure through time. Write down what happened as soon as possible after the accident.

Keep in touch with witnesses.

Witness statements might help strengthen your claim for compensation. As your solicitor will be thinking about speaking together, get their names, telephone numbers, physical addresses, and e-mails.

Phone an attorney.

Calling a car accident attorney right following the accident can assist you to stay protected, although the insurance provider may soon try to get you to sign your rights away to reparation.

Irrespective of your crash happened, our California car crash attorneys need that will help you get compensation for your medical bills and lost wages.


Car accidents can be brought on by various variables, but several of the very most typical causes include:

Distracted Driving

Motorists who are text messaging, changing radio stations, talking on cellular phones, or having conversations with travelers are more unlikely to pay attention to the route. That can lead them to lose focus momentarily and cause collisions.

Poor Road Conditions

Local and state governments are liable for preserving the status of roadways at all times. Drivers may lose control of the vehicles and crash whenever they neglect to address problems like potholes, lost guard rails, and sudden altitude changes.

Maker Blunders

Automakers are held to high standards for each vehicle they make, because when parts fail, autos may possibly crash and drivers and passengers can suffer severe injuries.