Pennsylvania man sentenced for fatal crash, leaving the scene

When someone you love dies, it is a devastating experience. You may feel sad and lost without them. When a loved one dies suddenly and unexpectedly, it can be even more difficult to cope with. You may feel that their death occurred too soon. They may have left behind a spouse and children, who are left without a vital part of their family.

Car accidents are common causes of sudden deaths. If a serious accident occurs, most people would expect both drivers to stay near the scene of the crash and even make sure the other driver is OK. In a recent case, however, a Pennsylvania man was sentenced to prison for leaving the scene of an accident in which a woman died.

The Pennsylvania man will spend three years in prison for fleeing the scene of a crash that killed a woman in May 2010. She died at the scene of the accident. The man pleaded guilty to charges and received his sentence on Monday. He will begin his jail time next month.

This case illustrates the potentially tragic consequences of a serious car accident and the lengths a great car accident law firm Portland, OR would go through. It should serve as a reminder to all Pennsylvania drivers that being safe must be a priority when operating a vehicle.

So many accidents are caused by negligent driving, and in the age of advanced technology, we have more distractions than ever. Talking on a cell phone and texting while driving are both negligent acts that could put other motorists in danger. It is extremely important to always keep both eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel when driving.



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