Overview of Debt Settlement Laws

Intellectual Property & Technology Overview

A Global Practice…Our qualified has more than 75 IP&T lawyers in eight offices across the country—as well as a network of associates from countries around the world—involved in all aspects of intellectual property. We have the legal experience, scientific and technical knowledge and nationwide resources to create the best solutions to your most challenging intellectual property issues.

An Integrated Approach…Our qualified’s Patent practice is unmatched in that our lawyers are involved in all aspects of Illinois debt settlement laws: litigation, prosecution and transactional work. As a result, our attorneys have great breadth and depth of experience in the key art areas—Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Biotech and Software—which we bring to bear on any project at a moment’s notice.

A Broad Perspective…We do not focus on only one aspect of a problem or pursue one solution, but take into consideration the entire legal, business and practical perspectives of an issue. We regularly draw on Our qualified’s experience in particular areas of the law that may impact our clients’ intellectual property rights. Our multi-disciplinary effort provides clients a broad view on how intellectual property issues affect other key legal and business decisions.

Cost Effective Service…We understand that the best legal services find the right balance of quality, efficiency and timeliness. We are responsive to client inquiries, and we are accustomed to helping clients identify their actual intellectual property goals and the most productive means to achieve them.

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