How Delaware residents can prevent dog bite injuries

Many people in Delaware and around the country suffer dog bite injuries every day. There are almost 80 million pet dogs around the country and approximately 4.5 million Americans suffer dog bite injuries every year. Almost of 1 million of these bites are severe enough to require medical attention in a hospital.

The majority of dog bites are preventable and Delaware residents should take advantage of National Dog Bite Prevention Week to learn how to avoid bites. Avoiding dog bites is fairly simple and requires that everyone around a dog make safety a priority.

Dog owners should properly train their dogs and educate their visitors on how to properly interact with the family pet. Family pets cause many serious bites because owners fail to properly train and socialize their pet dogs. A dog should be able to deal with normal events and visitors without becoming aggressive. Similarly, visitors should be properly introduced to the family dog and avoid taking any actions that might come across as aggressive to even a familiar dog.

Children are especially vulnerable to suffering severe injuries from dog bites. Small children should never be left alone with dogs and parents should teach their children how to appropriately interact with dogs. A child should avoid abrupt movements around even familiar dogs and should not place their hands or face near a dog’s mouth.

Dog owners should also avoid approaching roaming dogs. While it is understandable that a dog owner may want to protect a loose pet by capturing it for its owner, it is usually better to call animal control and allow a trained animal control officer to handle the situation and then a personal injury lawyer.

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