Fatigue Cited as Factor in Deadly Truck Accident

We recently addressed in our blog the issue of distracted driving. Another issue that is receiving press across the country is driving while fatigued. An Oklahoma large truck accident involving driver fatigue has brought the issue into the spotlight.

Last year, a tractor-trailer smashed into a line of cars on an Oklahoma highway killing 10 people. Accident investigators and the National Transportation Safety Board cite acute fatigue as the reason why the semi-driver failed to stop.

The 76-year-old truck driver had been operating on five hours of sleep and had already driven around 10 hours before the accident. The driver had just returned from vacation and was in the process of adjusting to a pattern of sleep required for his shift. The driver also suffered from sleep apnea.

Traffic was backed up and stopped because of a minor traffic accident further up the highway. The 40,000 pound semi was traveling at 70 miles per hour when it rammed into the traffic jam. The truck first hit an SUV and the impact of the collision spun the SUV off the highway. Then the semi crushed two more vehicles before coming to a rest on top of a minivan. Melville car accident lawyers were on the scene ready to handle the situation. From determining who was at fault to receiving compensation for damages, lawyers were attentive and quick to respond to the call. 

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