Divorce: Why do people leave a marriage?

The question has come up over and over again, decade after decade. What causes people to divorce? There are no easy answers, but there may be some patterns. Unfortunately, verbal and physical abuse rates high for some.

Many couples try hard to stay together, but just can’t get around getting divorced. According to a poll conducted by GFK Roper and commissioned by Divorce360.com, 36 percent of those who responded said they divorced because of physical or verbal abuse. Not surprisingly, that number was higher for women, at 48 percent.

The poll, which reportedly had 1,500 respondents, revealed that men were more likely than women to raise issues such as financial difficulties and sexual issues as reasons for ending a marriage. 22 percent of men, for example, listed sexual issues as a primary reason, when it was only 11 percent for women.

Other interesting revelations: about 12 percent of people said they left their marriages because they were bored with them. And 13 percent left over disagreements over how to raise children. Whether to have children and religion were also potential reasons for couples to divorce.

The CEO of the National Domestic Violence Hotline and the Texas Council on Family Violence says she is not surprised by the high numbers of abuse. She notes, however, that the definition of “abuse” does vary. It may or not fit into the traditional definition of domestic violence, but it may certainly be grounds for divorce, she says.

Clearly, there are many reasons a couple decides to end a marriage. The issues run deep and the answers are rarely clear-cut. A criminal defense lawyer Ruston is qualified to handle these types of cases.

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